Ohio Best Restaurants

Best Food In Ohio

Since Ohio has a huge number of unique and atmospheric restaurants, you can visit some of the most outstanding ones such as Melt Bar and Grilled, Tony Packo’s Cafe, The Buckey Express Diner and more.

Are you planning a trip to Ohio for a change of scenery and a good weekend? Of course, your trip cannot be complete without national food and the best restaurants where you should go. You should know that Ohio has a huge number of atmospheric, cozy and unique eateries that offer a very special atmosphere. Below you can see recommendations for the best restaurants in Ohio that you should definitely visit.

Ohio Best Restaurants

Of course, it is quite difficult to single out restaurants that are worth calling the best, as Ohio offers a huge number of truly unique places to visit. These restaurants, listed below, are the most unusual, not only because of the dishes, but also because of the design. Read the basic information about them and try to visit each one as believe it, they are definitely worth your attention!

• Melt Bar and Grilled. This Restaurant was created in 2006 by Matt Fish (owner and founder) in order to provide gourmets with delicious food. Each restaurant has a variety of local photographs, incredible murals, local art and others. Melt Bar and Grilled is committed to offering the finest grilled cheese sandwiches and a wide selection of craft beers. The restaurant has a fun and energetic atmosphere and has monthly specials. Melt Bar and Grilled won the Best sandwich of 2015 award.

• The Buckey Express Diner. If you want something unique, then this restaurant will be the perfect solution for you as you can have an unforgettable dining experience in an old carriage. Moreover, the site is located on a hilltop in northeastern Ohio. The restaurant serves American cuisine both indoors and outdoors. There is also a play area for children, so if you are traveling with the whole family, The Buckey Express Diner is a great choice for you. You can start your meal with lots of salads and then order some of the restaurant’s finest dishes, such as the Locomotive Buckeye Pounder Burger or Buckeye Mega Snapper.

• Tony Packo’s Cafe. This place is also unique as it has a strange tradition. Autographed hotdog buns have been served here since 1972 since Jamie Farr signed one. As such, this place is a great option for those looking to sample the very best hot dog in Ohio.

• The Spot to Eat. If you are a fan of classic cheeseburgers, then this Sydney place is the place for you. This Restaurant has existed for over a hundred years and is imbued with the spirit of the old times. Order the traditional Tempest Potatoes and you won’t be disappointed with your meal from The Spot to Eat.

• Slyman’s Restaurant. For lovers of corned beef, this place will probably become one of the most beloved in Ohio. Slyman’s Restaurant are located in downtown Cleveland. Moreover, you will be amazed to learn that every sandwich gets 12-14 ounces of corned beef. Thus, for meat lovers, this burger will be paradise.

Seven Miles Smokehouse. This place is famous for its southern cooked meats and sides made from scratch every day. Here you can taste delicious barbecues as well as huge burgers. One of the most popular of these is “The Mad Dog” which consists of a huge amount of ingredients such as smoked chicken, beef brisket and pulled pork, topped with grilled onions, sauce and creamy signature cole slaw. Looking for something special? Visit Seven Miles Smokehouse!

So, as you can see, Ohio is rich in the most incredible restaurants and cafeterias that will leave a lifetime impression. Whether you are a foodie or just a traveler looking for new sensations, these restaurants will not disappoint. On the contrary, they will be the reason why you want to come back to Ohio again and again.

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