Off the Books Jobs to Make Extra Money

Many people these days are looking for Quick and easy ways to make additional money, and it’s important to understand that the possibilities in Ohio are endless. Internet, the demand for work and the need for extra help, what you can offer to another company or individual, can be very


How to Buy a House with No Money?

It’s easier to purchase a house than most individuals think. The days when buying a house required huge sums of money are long gone. A 20% down payment is no longer required in order to purchase a house. This article will also demonstrate you some low-down payment loan options and

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Creative Savings Ideas and Strategies

In theory, saving money should be simple: just spend less than you earn each month and put the difference in a savings account. However, sometimes it’s easier to say than to do. There are a lot of things contending for your money, all of which are attempting to entice you

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Crypto experts have predicted that cryptocurrency could become the next world’s reserve currency in the next 50 years. Investing in crypto right now could be a potentially lucrative investment for your portfolio further down the line. But whereabouts can you buy crypto at an affordable rate? If you’re looking for the


3 Finance Tips For First Time Home Buyers

Becoming a first-time homeowner is very exciting, but with this triumph can come its fair share of challenges. A house is likely one of the most expensive things you will ever purchase, and most people won’t be able to pay for the entire thing out of pocket so they have


Can medical bills affect your credit?

You may have great benefits from your employer or other health care coverage, but there may be times when a procedure could cost tens of thousands of dollars. Even with outstanding health care benefits, chances are you’ll need to pay some of that. You may even have to pay all


Traffic Safety Projects Announced for Ohio

There’s been a huge problem on Ohio roads that has risen exponentially this year, and that is pedestrian safety. In 2021, 703 people died and another 3,390 were seriously injured on the roads, and none of them were in cars. This is never good and Governor Mike DeWine is ready

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Deciding whether or not to give to charity is tough. You want to give back, but can you afford to donate if you’re in debt or having trouble saving for retirement? You may also be worried your donation won’t make a difference, especially if you can only make a small