Can medical bills affect your credit?

You may have great benefits from your employer or other health care coverage, but there may be times when a procedure could cost tens of thousands of dollars. Even with outstanding health care benefits, chances are you’ll need to pay some of that. You may even have to pay all


Traffic Safety Projects Announced for Ohio

There’s been a huge problem on Ohio roads that has risen exponentially this year, and that is pedestrian safety. In 2021, 703 people died and another 3,390 were seriously injured on the roads, and none of them were in cars. This is never good and Governor Mike DeWine is ready

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Deciding whether or not to give to charity is tough. You want to give back, but can you afford to donate if you’re in debt or having trouble saving for retirement? You may also be worried your donation won’t make a difference, especially if you can only make a small

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Government Assistance Programs In Ohio

Depending on your needs and financial situation, you can get help from Ohio programs and organizations such as Ohio Department of Job And Family Services, Bills And Rent Cash Assistance, Mortgage Help And Foreclose Prevention, and so on. Financial Assistance Ohio If you live in Ohio and want to get


Find Mass Vaccination Sites in Ohio

Since 16 mass vaccination sites have opened across Ohio since March 2021, you can review their list and make an appointment. Don’t forget proof of identity and health insurance. Ohio Mass Vaccination Sites Since Ohio has received over 571,000 COVID-19 vaccines, more permanent mass vaccine sites will open. The state


Mortgage Rates Predictions 2022

Mortgage Rates and Home Prices Will Rise in 2022 This is the time of year that economists begin in earnest forecasting and refining their early predictions for the following year. Fannie Mae economists released This Week in Real Estate their 2022 expectations of mortgage rates and home prices. Fannie Mae expects increases


Is the housing market going to crash?

It’s late 2021. For at least four years, people have been crying out that the housing market is due for a crash. “The housing market is cyclical,” they say. And they are not wrong. It’s just that the cyclical nature of it doesn’t help predict when. Even in the last


How medical bills are paid after a car accident

Whether from a car accident, a workplace injury, or other cause of negligence, medical bills from a personal injury can be expensive.  MEDICAL BILLS AFTER A CAR ACCIDENT The financial burden of being injured as a result of the negligence of others can come from multiple areas. Aside from medical


Remote Jobs Ohio

Online Stay-at-Home Jobs Ohio Looking for a remote job in Ohio but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, as now there are a huge number of legitimate remote jobs that will help you earn money! Legit Work From Home Jobs Ohio Recently, more and more people are looking for

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Online Installment Loans Ohio

Are you facing financial difficulties and need money? Has your car broken down or your child is sick and you don’t know where to get funding in Ohio? An Ohio Installment Loan can be a great option for your financial situation as lenders offer a simple application, fast approval and

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Ohio Title Loans

How Can I Get Quick Car Title Loan In Ohio? All you need to do to get a Title Loan in Ohio is choose a lender, provide your details and wait for approval. Fill out the form online now! Do You Have A Car? Turn It Into Money! Are you