Low-income housing with no waiting list near me in Ohio

low income housing with no waiting list near me

To find low-income housing in Ohio, you need to apply for the Housing Choice Voucher Program. It will help you with rental payments.

To qualify, you are required to be below a certain income level. This level is set every year by the Department for Housing and Urban Development, and it’s determined by the annual median income in Ohio. If you have decided to apply for Ohio low-income housing, you will need to provide your tax returns and pay stubs to check your income and decide if you qualify for the program.

Low-Income Housing you can qualify for in Ohio

If you need housing and have a low income, you can generally choose between public housing and the Section 8 program. The Department of Housing and Urban Development oversees and helps implement both. You’ll be able to rent a public housing unit at an affordable price. With the help of the Section 8 program, you’ll get vouchers to compensate the difference between the maximum rent for Ohio.

Income Limits to qualify for low-income housing in Ohio

According to HUD, you need an annual income of 80% of the Ohio median figure. For Ohio residents, it’s:

Household SizeExtremely Low Income (30%)Very Low Income (50%)Low Income (80%)
1 Person$18,150$30,250$48,350
2 People$20,750$34,550$55,250
3 People$23,350$38,850$62,150
4 People$26,200$43,150$69,050
5 People$30,680$46,650$74,600
6 People$35,160$50,100$80,100
7 People$39,640$53,550$85,650
8 People$44,120$57,000$91,150

Documentation to qualify for low-income housing in Ohio

  • IRS tax returns
  • recent pay stubs

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