October 19, 2021


Mortgage Rates Predictions 2022

Mortgage Rates and Home Prices Will Rise in 2022 This is the time of year that economists begin in earnest forecasting and refining their early predictions for the following year. Fannie Mae economists released This Week in Real Estate their 2022 expectations of mortgage rates and home prices. Fannie Mae expects increases


Is the housing market going to crash?

It’s late 2021. For at least four years, people have been crying out that the housing market is due for a crash. “The housing market is cyclical,” they say. And they are not wrong. It’s just that the cyclical nature of it doesn’t help predict when. Even in the last


How medical bills are paid after a car accident

Whether from a car accident, a workplace injury, or other cause of negligence, medical bills from a personal injury can be expensive.  MEDICAL BILLS AFTER A CAR ACCIDENT The financial burden of being injured as a result of the negligence of others can come from multiple areas. Aside from medical